Graduate Workshop Zoom Meeting - Speaker view
Wendy Abboud
Hi Qiuli, This meeting is being recorded. We can also send out and/or post a copy of the presentation. Thank you.
Hope Eseose
Hello Ms. Katelyn, I previously submitted a Request for Master’s Defense and Degree Audit form. However, I missed out a course in the “Courses Remaining” section. Having registered the said course, do I need to resubmit the form?
Annie Bauman
What kind of documentation is required to show that a course taken at LSU is an equivalent of a required course for the degree completion?
Tawakalitu Lasisi
I didn’t include my Research on the coursework space, do I need to resubmit the form?
Gillian Foss
If one of your committee members (not chair) was employed with full faculty status at LSU at the time when the committee was formed/general exams, but has since left for another institution…do you still need AA for the final defense?
Dayo Afekare
I have completed the survey of earned doctorates but I am yet to receive any certificate. What do I do in this case?
Piper Ellis
what is the official date of graduation? will it be virtual?
Joshua Van Houten
for doctoral candidates, what was the full title for the “survey of earned doctoral…” which was two slides ago. Where can i find this?
Rosa Lazaro
Using word, how do I change the number pages from roman to the Arabic numbering? I am having problems with it.
Krystle Allen
hello; has the next editors webinar been scheduled yet? if so, what’s the date and time.
Katheryn Parraga Estrada
Good afternoon, if I submitted my application for degree form should the status in the milestones be submitted?
Dayo Afekare
According to the dissertation formatting guideline document, I can use a footnote to indicate that a certain chapter in my dissertation has been published. What if it’s only a section - or certain portions - of a chapter that has been published? How do I acknowledge this?
Annie Bauman
I’m sorry if this was already addressed - may the title of the thesis be changed after submission of the degree audit form?
Gillian Foss
Circling back to the “Graduate Milestones” page - will the application for degree submission notation not be on there until January 25 or after that deadline? Or, if we had submitted it already, should it be there?
Xinrui Jiang
I am looking at the Survey of Earned Doctorates Registration and 2021 is not listed in the options for graduation year. What should I do?
Xinrui Jiang
I’m planning to graduate Summer 2021, so the graduate date will be August 2021.
Wendy Abboud
Here is the link to the Survey of Earned Doctorates: https://sed-ncses.org/login.aspx
Ellyn Culotta
Hi so I have already received editorial feedback from you all after submitting a request for preliminary review. However, based on this presentation I seemed to have missed some front matter. Should I resubmit a request for preliminary review with a sample figure, subheading, and reference list, before 3/15?
Dayo Afekare
Great response thanks!!!
Xinrui Jiang
Thank you all for your help!